What you Didn’t Know About the Common E-Cigarettes

What you Didn’t Know About the Common E-Cigarettes

For the last decades, the consumption of tobacco has been growing very fast. This has seen the industries that are associated with such production grow as fast as possible. This growth has seen great development happening in the industry. This is the reason why the electronic cigars have been produced to replace or supplement the use of the normal cigars. If you are really interested to know the differences between normal cigars and electronic cigars, then this article will serve you right.

After you are done with the reading of the article, you will be able to understand the special features that the e-cigarettes possess. These features are able to make the vaping process possible. When you use the electronic cigars, you will not smoke but you will be said to be vaping. This is because you will not be inhaling smoke but the vapor. This vapor comes from the heating of the liquid that is extracted from raw tobacco leaves. It is therefore supposed to be heated at the highest temperatures so that it can be transformed from the liquid to vapor. The device therefore needs to be supplied with power regularly for these processes to go on. The following are some of the parts that enable vaping to take place;

  • lithium-ion battery
  • sensor
  • cartridge

Lithium-ion battery

This is the source of power for the e-cigarettes. These cigars are supposed to heat the liquid tobacco to the vaporization point. This means that a lot of energy is really needed for the process to be completed perfectly. You therefore need to be connected with electricity for you to be in position to use your device regularly. Without the battery, you will not be able to inhale the vapor since it will never be availed. However, as you use the normal cigars, you will inhale tobacco smoke in the simplest manner possible. This feature therefore makes the two means of smoking different.


This is a special device that is fitted in the mouthpiece of your e-cigarette. It is special in that it is meant to detect your intention to smoke so as it can initiate all the processes that are associated with the burning up of your tobacco. The battery therefore has the responsibility to supply power to the device that is so essential as far as this amazing device is concerned.


This is one of the amazing features of the e-cigarette device. Its role is to act as the reservoir of the e-liquid. The moment your e-liquid is exhausted from this reservoir, all that you need to do is to buy the liquid that pleases you most. This is because of the fact that these liquids do exist in many flavors. On the other hand, if you are using the normal cigar, you will simply use it for once and dispose of the remnants from the cigar. You will therefore incur less cost as compared to the buying of an electronic cigar though you will be able to buy it once and for all.