Have you Ever Heard About E-cigarettes? Read this Article

Why you Need to Know More About E-Cigarettes

Do you wish to understand the differences between the normal cigar and the e-cigarette? This article will highlight basic differences and similarities that exist between these cigars. To begin with, normal cigars were the first one to be invented. The production of these cigars embraced the simplest form of technology that made them look so simple. However, what you need to understand at this level is that in both cases, you can inhale nicotine that is known to have the sensational feeling once consumed. With the e-cigarettes, the technology that is used is quite advanced. What this means is that it has seen the production of the electronic cigars grow very fast.

Through this technology, the population of smokers has grown drastically over time. The level of technology used is able to make the vaping simple and decent. You only need to be connected with electricity for you to be able to enjoy the use of this cigar. It has a special battery that is charged with the responsibility of heating up the device so as the e-liquid is vaporized at the highest temperature. The produced vapor contains the nicotine that should be inhaled for you to feel the desired effects in your body. The electronic cigar is known to possess the following characteristics that make the device work perfectly;

  • mouthpiece
  • tobacco state
  • electronic in nature


This is basically the upper part of the cigar. It is specially designed to fit to your mouth perfectly. It is fitted with amazing features that enables you to vape your vapor with ease. It is so different from the normal cigar in that it has the sensor that is meant to sense your intention to vape. It immediately triggers the burning and boiling of the e-liquids so that it produces the desired vapor that is meant to be inhaled. The mouthpiece has got a rubber that makes it fit in your mouth as perfect as possible. This is what makes the electronic cigar to be more complicated than the simple or the normal cigar that you have always known for many years back.

Tobacco state

In the normal cigar, you have always seen the cigars fitted with the dry tobacco. It is dry so that it can easily catch fire any time it is lit. However, on the e-cigars, the liquid is in the different state. It exists in the liquid state that is safely stored in the reservoir. The reservoir is also meant to carry a given capacity of the e-liquid. It therefore means that you will have to keep on refilling the tobacco liquid for the purposes of making the vaping process possible.

Electronic in nature

Being electronic simply means that the device needs to be supplied with electricity for it to continue serving you for a long time. It is fitted with lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable. If you do not have the electricity, you can rest assured that you will not enjoy the benefits that are associated with the vaping experience.