Different Means of Tobacco Consumption you Didn’t Know

Different Means of Tobacco Consumption you Didn’t Know

Cigars are commonly smoked in almost every part of the world today. They are basically used to smoke tobacco. Though tobacco is known to cause serious addictions, it is also very popular amongst the people. This has led to the massive production of cigars. Technology has also been used to produce the cigars that are electronic. You may be interested to understand the differences and the similarities between these two types of cigars. The difference lies in the mode of heating tobacco and the state of the tobacco that is inhaled.

You can therefore rest assured that this particular article will aid you in understanding on the electronic cigarettes that have taken the market with storm. All you need to know is that the normal cigars are made out of the simplest technology. Tobacco is first dried and the fitted in the special papers that safeguard it from falling hence helping to keep the drug intact. On the other hand, the electronic cigars are known to possess special features that make them to qualify as electronic. The heating mode is initiated and powered by the power that is supplied by the battery. The following are some of the aspects that differentiate e-cigarettes and the normal cigars;

  • heating mechanism
  • tobacco liquid
  • flavors

Heating mechanism

The normal cigars are known to be extremely simple in that they are lit using the simplest source of fire. The moment the dry tobacco catches fire, the drug is burnt up and then the smoke is produced. This smoke contains nicotine that is inhaled. The effect that nicotine causes in your body is what makes many smokers love it. Similarly, e-cigarettes are very special in the sense that theyare powered by the lithium-ion battery. The battery is supposed to be recharged severally so as to have enough power that will be able to boil or vaporize the e-liquids so as you can have the vapor out of the electronic cigar. It is also important to note that this vapor contains amazing content of nicotine that will have a sensational feeling the moment it gets into your body.

Tobacco liquid

This is the liquid that is extracted from a raw tobacco. It is then stored in the reservoir that is in the e-cigarette. The liquid is supposed to be vaporized for it to be able to produce the vapor that will be inhaled. As time goes by, the liquid may reduce in quantity and therefore needs to be replaced. If you wish, you can as well opt to replace the cartridge that contains the liquid. This is quite different from what you can expect from the normal cigar which is known to burn directly the dry tobacco.


The electronic liquid is extracted and flavored according to your taste and preferences. This gives those who are so passionate about vaping an opportunity to choose flavors that they love. This is quite contracted with the case in the normal cigar. The normal cigars are known to contain very limited flavors.